About Us

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Our Vision

To inspire the Beauty Community to make the world a more colorful place.


SalonCentric, headquartered in St. Petersburg, Fla., is the premier distributor of salon professional products in the U.S. Created by L'Oréal USA in 2008 and operating in 48 states, SalonCentric has more than 550 business partners, 585 SalonCentric stores and 260 State and RDA stores.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Pillars

We are committed to developing an atmosphere where every member of our Beauty Community feels included, valued, and empowered, and where we can all share, learn, grow and thrive. We do this by supporting social, environmental and economic causes that support the entire professional beauty industry and our Beauty Community.

Causes We Believe In

Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship

As part of the L’Oréal family – and as a modern-day distributor – SalonCentric is deeply committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, both in the way we distribute/market our products and in guiding/supporting salons and stylists in their environmental commitments. SalonCentric's Sustainability Roadmap focuses on improving water conservation, reducing waste, expanding our use of reusable energy, developing onsite biodiversity projects and supporting disadvantaged communities to ensure environmental justice is achieved. Over the coming years, we will develop a variety of partnerships that will help us continue building upon these core sustainability pillars.

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